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高效右旋硫辛酸 Super R-Lipoic Acid, Life Extension, 240 mg,60 Vegicaps

Bio-Enchanced Active Form of Lipoic Acid


包裝: (素食膠囊 Vegicap) 60
UPC : 737870120865

種類的參數: 保健品 Health Supplements
品牌 Brand Life Extension
產地 Made In 美國 USA
產品形式 Form 素食膠囊 Vegicap
特性 Material 素食Vegetarian

已發表的研究表示硫辛酸能維持線粒體健康和保持細胞年輕充滿能量。與其他形式的硫辛酸比較,高效右旋硫辛酸具有更高的生物利用度,較穩定和有效,比起純右旋硫辛酸的最高血液濃度高10至30倍。這款獨特的sodium-R-lipoate 硫辛酸有助於10-20分鐘內提高血漿濃度水平。高效右旋硫辛酸比其他“R”形式的硫辛酸活性更高!

抗氧化劑α-硫辛酸由兩種不同形式 ( R 和 S) 組成,具有不同特性。“R”形式是生物活性成分較高含抗氧化作用的(近乎身體本身的運作)。“S”形式是以化學方法生產的,生物活性不高。α-硫辛酸補充劑通常由50/50比率的“R”和“S”形式組成。即100毫克的α-硫辛酸補充劑提供了50毫克的生物活性“R”形式。






鈉       30毫克

Bio-Enhanced®穩定Na-RALA R-硫辛酸鈉 300毫克


Published studies have shown the critical importance of lipoic acid in preserving youthful cellular energy by supporting healthy mitochondrial function. Unlike other forms of lipoic acid, Super R-Lipoic Acid is more bioavailable, stable, and potent, achieving 10–30 times higher peak blood levels than pure R-lipoic acid. This unique sodium-R-lipoate can help you reach peak plasma concentrations within just 10–20 minutes of supplementation. Super R-Lipoic Acid provides more of the active "R" form of lipoic acid than any other supplement. Try this next-generation lipoic acid today!

Alpha-lipoic acid, the universal antioxidant, consists of two different forms (isomers) — R and S — that have vastly different properties. The “R” form is the biologically active component (native to the body) that is responsible for lipoic acid’s phenomenal antioxidant effect. The “S” form is produced from chemical manufacture and is not very biologically active. Alpha-lipoic acid supplements typically consist of the "R" and "S" form in a 50/50 ratio. That means a 100 mg alpha-lipoic acid supplement is providing 50 mg of the biologically active "R" form.

The human body normally produces and uses the "R" form of lipoic acid. This active form, R-lipoic acid, significantly supports healthy inflammatory response, is a potent free radical scavenger, and has been shown to be more potent than the combined "R" and "S" forms that ordinarily comprise alpha-lipoic acid supplements.


Take one (1) to two (2) capsules daily as tolerated, or as recommended by a healthcare practitioner.
Take capsules at the same time, preferably on an empty stomach.
Suitable for vegetarians.

Supplement Facts:

Serving Size 1 vegetarian capsule
Amount Per Serving

Sodium                            30 mg

Bio-Enhanced® Stabilized Na-RALA sodium R-lipoate     300 mg
(providing 240 mg of R-Lipoic acid)

Other ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose, vegetable cellulose (capsule), stearic acid.




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